Case Settled Involving Illegal Transfer of Property

Allison Tussey —  August 1, 2011 — 1 Comment

Willie E. McKay, who posed as the pastor of Macedonia Pentecostal and transferred title to the property to another church he founded, and then mortgaged the property, has settled the 2008 lawsuit against him.

 of a lawsuit that restores the title and property rights of a church property to its rightful owners, the Macedonia Pentecostal Church in Hamden.

McKay is the grandson of Henry McKay, who founded Macedonia Pentecostal Church in 1963 and who deeded the property at 184 Butler Street to the church in 1965. Macedonia Pentecostal has been in possession of the property and has conducted services and activities there regularly and exclusively since that time.

In 2005, Willie McKay, posing as the pastor of Macedonia Pentecostal, transferred title of the church property to his own church, Love Temple Church of Christ in Prayer, Inc. He then used that property to secure a $1.5 million mortgage that two years later resulted in default.

The Attorney General sued after church members, unaware their church had been mortgaged without their consent, were told by McKay that the church belonged to him and that they would have to leave.

Willie McKay was not the pastor of Macedonia Pentecostal Church, nor was he ever a member of the church. State law prohibits property of a religious society or a corporation from being distributed among its members, or appropriated by any person for private use. McKay has a number of federal and state criminal fraud convictions, but was not charged in this case.

Attorney General George Jepsen announced the settlement.

Jepsen acknowledged the assistance and cooperation of the mortgage company, Foundation Capitol Resources, Inc., in resolving this matter.

“The resolution of this case restores the title and property rights to its rightful owners ““ the parishioners of Macedonia Pentecostal Church,” Jepsen said. “This settlement ensures that the church property will be used as it was intended when it was originally given to the parishioners by the Church’s founder.”

Assistant Attorneys General Karen Gano and Kirsten Rigney handled this case for Attorney General Jepsen.

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One response to Case Settled Involving Illegal Transfer of Property

  1. I have a case simular to this case. My DEED was forgered and nottorised. The Attorny Generial in my county wrote me a letter telling me to get a private lawyer. This was in 2006. A mortgage company gave him a mortgage with all kinds of foreged documents. Two of the most inproton documents my signuter is missept. (DEED Transfer, & Settlement). There was no power of attorny nor myself being there. The title agency and the bank settlement lawyer was in Westchester county, NY. The so call New owner, apprasiers, and nottory came from Nassua county(LI) NY. The house is in state NY, 21/2 hours from the title agency & bank lawyer. Over 3 hours away from the the so call new owner and the rest. The documents where all signed on a Friday, the same day. I got copies of all the documents from the so call new owners bank fraud unit. The nottories lost there lisance for good. One desappeared on the state. State investergater said I was defrauded. The appasiers made a deal with the state lisance burial to lose there lisance for 45 days go back to school and get recertified. My case was in the pallet court for one of the judges judment. This on the internet on court reporter. Know the judge has just given the bank (AIG) equitable subrogation and turned down the wongful act. I have been denied a trail. I’m being Victims again. The crimals are going to get away with it, again. There is no just. I’m a senior citzen on a low income, how has lost lost her husband’s by a suden death, lost her house and business do to the scam artist (Paul H Jean) how des appeared on everyone, but is keeping an eye out on the internet on this case. I know because no one can find him, but he had an ins ajuster come to this house claiming there was damged from the storm Iren. Of corse he was not able to come into my home.I need help…

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