Couple Arrested for ID Theft, Forgery, Grand Theft and Conspiracy

Allison Tussey —  March 24, 2009 — 2 Comments

Michael Moon Park, 60, and his wife, Bu Yun Park, 60, Helendale, California, were arrested on March 17, 2009, by investigators with San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit on felony charges of identity theft, forgery, grand theft, money laundering, and conspiracy. Three additional suspects remain outstanding and are currently being sought. They are: Kenneth Sung Park, Jason S. Kim, and Duk Sung Jin.

The investigation revealed that the suspects opened a bank account in the name of the victim and purchased two vehicles, one of which has since been shipped to South Korea. Jason Kim obtained a fictitious driver’s license in the name of the victim in order to steal the victim’s identity and purchase two homes, which are located in the 14400 Block, Hurricane Lane and 26600 Block, Mariner Lane, Silver Lakes, California. Michael Park, who is a licensed real estate agent, represented himself as the broker and his wife as the seller during the fraudulent transactions. 

After the homes were sold, proceeds were wired into the Parks‘ bank account and then some of the proceeds were electronically transferred to another account in Vancouver, Canada. The homes subsequently went into foreclosure with the estimated loss of over 1.2 million dollars. Bail was set at $2,180,000.

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2 responses to Couple Arrested for ID Theft, Forgery, Grand Theft and Conspiracy

  1. Maricopa County, Arizona is fraught with Mortgage
    Fraud and the Forgery of Recorded Deed Transfers involving Title Agencies, Escrow Officers, non-existant corportions, Notary Public stamps from out-of-state prison inmates and the Phoenix Police Dept.-Document Crimes Division Detectives are growing weary of the increasing numbers……

  2. This reminds me of my days investigating fraudulent EPD loans for one of the GSE’s back in the mid 1990s. There were industry wide alerts issued warning of the massive amounts of mortgage fraud being originated from the 3200 to 4500 blocks of Wiltshire blvd in Los Angeles which is the heart of Koreatown on Los Angeles. When one of our investigators paid a visit to a Korean mortgage broker there, he was flabbergasted when he walked in on about a dozen Korean loan brokers who were in the middle of a “how to fabricate tax returns” training class.

    The ID theft aspect of this article isn’t surprising either as I recall even back in the mid 90’s whenever you contacted a notary in regards to the authenticity of a Korean’s signature, the notaries always claimed time and time again their notary book had been lost or stolen and was unable to tell you what form of ID was produced by the borrower.

    I also recall how funny those Koreans were when we called to re verify employment, they would always start out very articulately saying “yes, yes, they work here and they make lots of money, when you closing new loan?” But once I clarified that I was auditing a older loan that was taken out the year prior, their tune always changed…”I don’t know what you talking about, never heard of them, I don’t speak English, you no call here no more.”

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