Couple Pleads Guilty to 1031 Exchange Fraud Scam

admin —  January 5, 2010 — 7 Comments

Gordon W Deibler, III, 53, and Renata Majda Deibler, 36, both of Litchfield Park, Arizona, have pleaded guilty in Maricopa County Superior Court to participating in a criminal syndicate by running several companies that defrauded clients of more than $1.5 million.  The Deiblers owned and operated 1031 Exchange Consultants, LLC, Etna Land Trust, Executive Realty Group, a Management Consultants, LLC. Through these companies Gordon Deibler, acting as a qualified intermediary, accepted the proceeds from property sales for clients. Deibler was supposed to use the proceeds to purchase new property resulting in delayed tax consequences for his clients. Instead, he diverted his clients’ money for personal use. The Deiblers used the scheme on seven different occasions between 1998 and 2008.

The Deiblers also worked with their handyman, Bronislaw Galica, to purchase a home in Galica’s name in 2006. Gordon Deibler acted as the agent for Executive Realty Group and facilitated the purchase. Renata Deibler acted the broker for the transaction. The Deiblers gave Galica false credit and salary information to use on the loan application. Gordon Deibler also obtained an inflated appraisal for Galica to use in obtaining the loan. Galica bought the home and defaulted on the loan within a couple of months of the purchase.

Gordon Deibler pleaded guilty to one count of directing a criminal syndicate, a Class 2 Felony, and one count of fraudulent schemes and artifices, also a Class 2 Felony. Under the plea agreement, he must pay restitution to the victims in the amount of $1,559,644 and faces a prison term between 3 and 12.5 years. Renata Deibler pleaded guilty to one Class 4 Felony count of assisting a criminal syndicate. She must also pay restitution to the victims. The court has the choice of placing her on probation for up to three years or sentencing up to 3.75 years in prison.

Sentencing for the couple is scheduled for January 14, 2010.

The convictions are the result of an investigation by the Attorney General’s Special Investigation Unit.

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7 responses to Couple Pleads Guilty to 1031 Exchange Fraud Scam

  1. I hope Gordon is dead by now, the guy is a dirt bag and a con artist. I know first hand. Thank God he is in an AZ jail where suffering is the norm. I remember the funny statement he made to me that he use to be a Navy Seal. LOLOLOL

  2. we are not in a feud .I have been trying to save his life by donating organs to him but that is not allowed by the state

  3. There is nothing that runs deeper than a family feud, who did what for who. I been through it in a 25 year business without a single hitch until 1 member got seriously hurt on the job and it all fell apart. I might add this was on the up and up too.
    Families don’t mix well for partners at work, when will people Learn you work with your associates and come home to your family and that will keep the love alive. You can’t fire your family…… Good luck and God Bless you all.

  4. I guess now with the recent news of your Sainted sheriff Joe you can maybe now see what a dirt bag he really is

  5. first off i am Gordon’s sister not brother second off i don’t recall having asked you or the state of AZ. to pay for anything for my brother . If you must know my intention was to pay for his medical care myself and being that the money is mine i guess i will do what i want with it . and i got news for you sweetie all the charges brought against my brother having to do with that situation were dropped and thanks to your sheriff Joe the state including you paid for it all the charges he plead on were mostly against his son but he took blame to keep him and his wife from prison he figured he was dying anyway why ruin their lives and just so we are clear even the judge saw the dishonesty of the state this will help us in our case against the bankruptcy courts in the sale of Gordon possessions NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE PEOPLE NO ANIMALS so get over yourself

  6. Halina T. Roznowski May 7, 2010 at 4:45 am

    The Deiblers whatever is their sentence, it is NOT enough to compensate for the emotional stress they inflicted on their trusting clients! They had no empathy towards their victims and now the taxpayers of Arizona have to support them in jail. If this is NOT bad enough, his brother is expecting very expensive transplants for Gordon, the thief, to be paid by the State of Arizona?? Gordon has no funds to pay for his transplants.Now the brother is expecting empathy for Gordon?? Where is apology for Gordon’s and Renata’s selfish personal use of funds earned by honestly hard working clients?? That is total betrayal of trust to human kind.
    We wish we never were introduced to them.

  7. Just to be clear Gordon is my brother.To be fair his wife did not even know him in 1998. Do not get me wrong i am not proclaiming their innocence or anything IF they did wrong they did but #1 his second wife was just as if not more involved andhere she is free WHY ? she stole computers and paperwork form my brothers home and months later turned they over gee i wonder how many changes were made?? #2 my brother has kidney and liver failure i have offered to be a living donor but he is now told No and his medications have been turned away by the jail child molesters and killers get better sentancing he is getting the death penelty NOW REALLY IS THAT RIGHT when they decided to sell his property they even sold his wheelchair , food , and underwear is this the country we are proud of

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