Former Judge Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud

admin —  November 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

Thomas E. Stringer, Tampa, Florida was sentenced to one year of supervised release for bank fraud.  As previously reported on Mortgage Fraud Blog, Stringer had pleaded guilty on July 23, 2009. According to the information, Stringer engaged in a scheme to defraud a bank that loaned him money to purchase a residence in Hawaii. According to court documents, Stringer falsified his mortgage application for the residence by claiming that he had borrowed none of the money he was using for the down payment, when in fact he had borrowed funds from a third party. The conduct that forms the basis for the criminal charge in the information is completely unrelated to Stringer’s previous occupation as a judge. From the outset of this case, Stringer has cooperated with government investigators and has accepted responsibility for his actions. Additionally, the loan was re-paid in full.

This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tampa Division and prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Robert E. O’Neill.

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2 responses to Former Judge Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud

  1. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Robert O’Neill’s bid for the upcoming vacancy of departing US Attorney A. Brian Albritton, He announced a public official being charged while he was interviewing, Then during sentencing he supports Thomas Stringer. Their whole Mortgage Fraud Surge is a joke, Their AUSA’s are NOT prosecuting people with worse conduct than lying on a loan application. Maybe someone should look at the fact that the Middle Disrtict of Florida NEVER announces a trial, they only prosecute the ones they can BULLY into signing plea agreements to get their conviction rates up, The FRAUD is still going on and this office refuses, YES refuses to prosecute dozens and dozens of cases in fear of not getting their ever sought after plea agreement and losing in trial, Look at their track record, Maybe someone needs to look into the way this office prosecutes, They have been given investigated cases of fraud and they don’t prosecute and more and more people are being victimized, This office and their Fraud Surge is a joke and a disgrace to the Districts that actually prosecute “REAL” criminals.

  2. What a joke. Because he was a State Appeals Court Judge, he gets a slap on the wrist and lunch with the sentencing judge. Others in similar circumstances are getting prison sentences.

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