Former Mayor Pleads Guilty in Loan Case

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Roosevelt Franklin Dorn, 74, Inglewood, California, the former mayor, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of conflict of interest.

Dorn was charged in June 2008 in connection with a low-interest loan he obtained through the City of Inglewood in 2004. Prosecutors said Dorn had a law modified in order to become eligible for a city residence incentive program that offered low-interest housing to executive non-elected municipal employees. The change in the law extended the program to elected officials.

Dorn went on to obtain a $500,000 loan through the program in November 2004. It was alleged that some of the funds were used to pay off his residence in Inglewood, California, and the rest went into his bank account.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George Lomeli immediately sentenced Dorn to two years probation and ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine. Dorn, who resigned last night as mayor of Inglewood, California is precluded for the rest of his life from holding public office as a result of the conviction.

Deputy District Attorneys Juliet Schmidt and Max Huntsman of the Public Integrity Division prosecuted the case.

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5 responses to Former Mayor Pleads Guilty in Loan Case

  1. from you, which brings me to the second part of my letter.
    I am very upset about the way you have been treating me. I have come to your house numerous times and worked very hard to please you. The way you talk to me is degrading and I will not tolerate any longer. You are constantly yelling at me. For example, F word like I did summing to you or any thing you don’t like ,what am I doing that is so bad , when I left your house the last time I was there before I left to go to file the court pagers you started yelling at me with the F word and actually told me to “Run, boy, Run can you boy make with only ½ hour before the court close Then called you from the court house and told you that there was nobody here, you started yelling at me using the F word and told me to “Run, boy, Run “to the side of the court house were I was lucky that a court clerks took the court pagers as she was going home.
    I have never in my life had anyone speak to me the way you do. On more than one occasion, you had me rush out there, only to wait for hours for you to finish a document. My time is just as valuable as yours. Also, if I ask you to explain something to me, instead of explaining it again, you yell tell me that you don’t have time to go over anything twice and that I should of listened the first time. This is not rational behavior. I have always treated you with respect and I expect the same treatment from you. You have no right to raise your voice at me or degrade
    You are supposed to make things easier for me, not make me feel like I am going to lose. I have always been so confident in what I am fighting for until I hired you. It seems you are trying to break my spirit. This will not happen. I am going to win this case because I have what it takes, and I need you, as my lawyer to believe that.
    Lastly I would like to talk about Debbie. You no what I am dealing it is OS hard and to top it off with all of this I am about break . She has been by my side through this whole thing. We live together we might have our differences but I have always been able to depend on her and count on her to a point. We have made it this far together, and you even said that you were impressed by how far we have gotten. For me to blindly turn everything over to you and not be able to have her input has been very hard. It is unfair for you to give me that ultimatum. I am not saying that you have to work with her or even talk to her, but I don’t want you to put down her efforts or expect me not to discuss anything with her.
    Like I said at the beginning. I hope you read this letter with an open mind and that we can move forward. I hired you because I know that you are very smart and you sounded as passionate as I am about putting a stop to these lenders.
    Please My Attorney I ask you help
    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

  2. The investigations done by Argent Mortgage and ACC Capitol Holdings were unfair, misleading
    also all the letters from Pinnacle Financial Attorney were misleading, all long with AMC Argent Mortgage.
    I can go on there is so much more we have all the documents to prove that why I don’t understand were we are at.
    I want to tell you that I am frustrated as well. Hopefully after you read this we can come to some sort of understanding
    As you know, this case is very important to me. I have worked hard my whole life. I was able to buy a home where I raised my boys and I have put my sweat and tears into my home. When I got hurt in 2005 everything changed. I was unable to work to make a living for myself and my kids, so when I met Shelly Poe she was the answer to my prayers. So I thought. I put my trust into her and that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. She took advantage of that trust and with the help of Argent Mortgage Company put me in a situation that was bound to fail. My signature was forged on legal documents. That is a crime. There is so much more that I think you should know, but you have never taken the time to sit down and really listen to what I have to say. I have spent many sleepless nights over this.
    For the past two years, we have been very careful to do what we were supposed to do, and turn in papers to the court on time. I understand that without a law degree we could only go so far, and that is why I hired you. To take us the rest of the way. I need to know that you are on my side and that I can trust you. This is why I am so concerned about you not complying with the judge’s request for a updated status report. I understand that we have had a hard time communicating with each other, but you could of still filed the letter. I believe I did my part by paying the money that was order by the court . Also the days I work for you, I did the best job I can and more even your friends told you how good of a job I did and wanted my number and done other work for you walking your dogs when I took them I took care of them like if there were mind they are two good dogs I fell in love with them. Also

  3. “nick Ramirez”
    My Attorney
    I would like you to read this letter with an open mind. The reason I am sending you this e-mail is so you can have an understanding about what I am feeling prior to us talking on the phone. This way you will know where I am coming from and we can go on from there.
    I want to start out by saying that I do understand your frustration. But when we first met you did not want hear what I had to say and you said I talk to much so you and Debbie did all the talking I told you at that time that on one know these documents the way I do and at that time. I did have all of the documents in order in the two books were I spent many days looking over and found all the forged documents and the over charges with the money.
    Also the letters from Argent Mortgage, and ACC Capitol Holdings Company a parent company of, Argent Mortgage in response to my complaint who also conduct a formal investigation alleging that the signatures on loan documents did not match and were forged. In there letters response to there finding that the signatures appear to be similar to my signature on my I.D. and Social Security Card and confirms that after a thorough investigation that there was no evidence of wrong doing.
    The investigations done by Argent Mortgage and ACC Capitol Holdings were unfair, misleading
    also all the letters from Pinnacle Financial Attorney were misleading, all long with AMC Argent Mortgage.
    I can go on there is so much more we have all the documents to prove that why I don’t understand were we are at.
    I want to tell you that I am frustrated as well. Hopefully after you read this we can come to some sort of understanding

  4. I also want to point out the irony in your request for me to communicate via email: You have not been responding to me emails despite your promises to check your email daily.
    During the mediation session, which was preceded by yet another extended period of non-communication on your part, I indicated that I had no choice but to seek to withdraw from your case. I continued on as counsel of record only because you agreed to accept Argent’s settlement offer.
    When you withdrew authorization to accept the settlement, and then refused to respond by phone or email, I scheduled a motion to be relieved as counsel. The hearing is scheduled for February 19, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. in Dept. 516, and you will receive notice in the mail.
    Unfortunately, the motion for summary judgment is scheduled for hearing on February 10, 2010. As I already informed you, I am unable to oppose the motion because 1) the causes of action as plead while you were representing yourself have no merit, and 2) you have failed to pay the money promised to obtain evidence to support your claims, including having a mortgage audit conducted, and 3) you still have not provided the documents you promised to deliver months ago. This is not the first time that I have informed you of my belief that Argent will win their motion and be dismissed from the case. Although it makes no sense to me, you are certainly free to give up $7500 and disregard my advice based on your own analysis of the strength of your case.
    From: My Attorney

  5. From: My Attorney
    When we spoke on the phone earlier today, you agreed to put in writing your decision to accept Argent’s settlement offer. (Provided, of course, that the offer was still on the table.) Once again, I am totally perplexed by your email, which includes numerous conditions on the settlement that we never discussed.
    This appears to be yet another example of how you agree to follow my legal advice and/or authorize me to act on your behalf, only to later change your mind. I have already explained that it is difficult for me to conclude anything other than that you did not intend to follow through with your decision from the beginning. Fortunately, you (and Debbie) provided me with the unexpressed conditions before I contacted Argent regarding acceptance of the offer. After receiving your email, I do not intend to contact Argent and try to re-open negotiation at the 11th hour after Argent already indicated that it was the final offer.
    Responding to each condition separately:
    1. An “admission” by Argent that the Deed of Trust is forged is essentially worthless. What I suggested is proposing that Argent stipulate to allow you to amend your complaint to add a cause of action for declaratory relief. Basically, you request that the Judge make a ruling that the signature is forged. You would need to submit enough evidence to convince the judge to so rule. As I explained, this is important because it would force the current owner of your mortgage to pursue judicial foreclosure, without you having to initiate legal action to get an injunction against them.
    2. Again, Argent cannot declare anything about the validity of the Deed. It requires a judicial declaration. I also do not understand why you and Debbie believe a distinction between void and voidable has any legal relevance.
    3. You are now attempting to add a substantial amount of money to Argent’s offer by demanding all fees associated with the loan. I believe the mediator made it very clear that Argent was not willing to offer a higher amount. Furthermore, the mediator reiterated what I had already explained to you: Argent is confident that they will win their motion for summary judgment, meaning the case will be dismissed without any money judgment against Argent. Argent’s offer, as both the mediator and I explained, is based on the costs and attorney fees that Argent would incur in bringing the motion and completing discovery.
    4. This also was never discussed in our phone conversation, and also attempts to add (presumably) significant amounts to the offer by Argent. Again, Argent made it clear during mediation that their offer was the highest they were willing to go. Even if Argent were willing to pay fees as part of its settlement offer, I should also add that it is only appropriate for you to ask for attorney fees that you actually paid. I will also point out again that your apparent belief that you are entitled to completely wipe out your mortgage AND reap tens of thousands of dollars in damages is not supported by any legal theory.

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