Central Florida Companies Sued for Loan Modification Scams

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National Payment Modification Company and The Bostonian Group, LLC, which conducts business under the name People’s First, Central Florida, have been charged for allegedly charging up to $2,500 in up-front fees to homeowners trying to rescue their homes from foreclosure.

Also named in the lawsuit is William Rodriguez, the owner of both companies, who was a founding owner of Wineberg, Lopez, & Rodriguez Company. The Attorney General’s Office sued Wineberg, Lopez, & Rodriguez Company in March and obtained an emergency injunction barring the company from charging homeowners any fee in advance for providing foreclosure-related rescue services. That case is still pending in Orange County Circuit Court.

An investigation conducted by members of the Attorney General’s Economic Crimes Division, working as part of the Attorney General’s Mortgage Fraud Task Force, determined that both companies charge the up-front fee and divide it into five equal payments secured by post dated checks. Each check, according to the lawsuit, is associated with a separate “sub-contract” or step in the loan modification process. Consumers complained that both companies cash the post-dated checks even though the companies have not begun negotiations or even contacted the consumers’ lenders.

The Attorney General’s Office is seeking permanent injunctions prohibiting the companies from charging up-front fees, restitution on behalf of injured consumers, civil penalties of $15,000 for each violation, and reimbursement for attorney’s fees and costs related to the investigation. The Attorney General’s Office has filed numerous civil lawsuits to enforce the state law prohibiting companies from charging up-front fees for foreclosure-related rescue services and is currently investigating over 75 additional companies.

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One response to Central Florida Companies Sued for Loan Modification Scams

  1. Complaint against Central Mortgage

    Christopher & Jessica Peters
    San Diego, Ca 92128

    Re: Loan Modification Fraud

    To whom it may concern;

    In March 2009 a request for a loan modification was sent to Central Mortgage (Avest Bank), after 6 months (Sept 2009) I received documents from CM approving a loan modification trail period that would start 10/0/2009 for a dollar amount to be paid through 01/2010. The agreement was signed and was sent certified back to CM (received by CM in 09/2009). All payments agreed upon were made to CM on time. During the trail period we received a foreclosure default notice from CM. I contacted them and asked why I was receiving this notice if I was in the trail period and under the agreement, no foreclosure procedures would be enforced. They said it was another department and the foreclosure would not go through once the trail period was up and all payments were made to the loan modification trail period. I contacted CM in 01/2010 to receive a update on the loan modification, CM advised they never received the docs and now I was in foreclosure. They denied ever sending or receiving the agreement (I still have the original copy of agreement and proof of delivery).

    The original request for the loan modification was due to financial hardship. CM has added an additional $35,000 in fees to the original loan and FORCING foreclosure sale date and filing bankruptcy. CM has produced and manufactured a way to take away the rights of the American dream and 28 years of building and keeping an excellent credit rating/history, being destroyed by bad business practices and apparent lies.

    I am requesting help to fight this ever happening to another American


    Christopher & Jessica Peters

    Contact Information for CM
    Mr. William Roehrenbeck
    Central Mortgage Company
    801 John Barrow Road Suite 1
    Little Rock, AR 72205-6599
    CM Fax: 501-716-5006

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