Man Arrested for Stealing Houses

Allison Tussey —  August 30, 2012 — 9 Comments

David Alan Boucher, 56, San Bernardino, California, has been arrested and charged for defrauding banks and financial businesses by illegally filing fraudulent Grant Deeds on properties throughout San Bernardino County.

The defendant is charged with 63 felony counts of Filing False Documents, Forgery and Identity Theft. If convicted as charged, he faces a maximum sentence of 16 years and 4 months in state prison.

On the morning of July 28, 2012, Boucher was arrested at his Upland residence without incident by investigators from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office Real Estate Fraud Unit. Other agencies involved in the arrest include the FBI, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Following Boucher‘s arrest, a search warrant was subsequently served on the residence and his Bloomington business. Investigators seized records, weapons, $127,000 in cash, as well as silver coins and bars.

Boucher locates properties that have been sold at foreclosure auction and currently belong to a lending institution. He then fraudulently signs Grant Deeds as the “Authorized Representative” of the bank, which has acquired the foreclosure home.

After having the documents notarized, Boucher or one of his representative then records the Grant Deeds at the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office. In some instances, after the fraudulent transfer of title, hard money loans are obtained on the properties.

Boucher has fraudulently transferred approximately 20 properties in San Bernardino County, representing a property value of approximately $4.5 million dollars.

Boucher is scheduled to be arraigned, Friday, August 31, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

District Attorney Investigators believe there may be additional victims. Members of the media are asked to share the following information: If you suspect that you been victimized by David Alan Boucher, or any of his associates, please contact the District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit at (909) 891-3519.

“This is a disgraceful crime because of the financial impact that it has had on the victims in this case,” said District Attorney Michael Ramos. “Enough is enough. Let it be known that if you come into our county and try to defraud our citizens, we will go after you in pursuit of justice.”

“I would just encourage anybody out there who may have fallen victim to this scheme to come forward and contact our office so we can ensure justice is served,” said Ramos.

Allison Tussey

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9 responses to Man Arrested for Stealing Houses

  1. David Boucher Victim 2 June 23, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Burn in Hell David.. I lost my house I paid to you $4,000.00 .
    David was my authorized representative…
    I have papers to prove that…

  2. David passed away this afternoon… but justice will soon be realized.

    As for the supposed fraud:

    David charged $1k to his clients to discharge the created debt the banks made up out of thin air ( look up “fractional reserve lending” to find out where the money comes from ).

    As for any so-called victims, there was no injured party who signed any complaint against him, but an investigator named Tina Greco, who happens to be married to a member of the police department…. who happens to be friends with a certain real estate broker who is the accuser in silence but not on record.

    There was a man using David’s name ( impersonating David ) and was bilking people out of upwards of $16k, but this man was an imposter…. and he never showed his face but would send his people to the victim’s homes to collect their cash and have them sign papers. I have personally corresponded with one such victim who told me what happened to her, but she could not identify David for she only spoke to a man over the phone who called himself by this name…

    The real David Alan Boucher worked out of his office in Beaumont and again, would never charge more than $1k to discharge the created debt / mortgage, and would meet his clients in person at his office in Beaumont.

  3. David Boucher’s victim September 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    How could David be innocent? He is the Authorized Representative of Secretary of State signing judgments. He is the authorized representatives signing the Grant Deeds for Bank of America, Chase, Fannie Mae, etc and he is the representatives of clients (homeowners who lost properties from foreclosures). It does not need a Rocket Scientist to figure out the FRAUD involved in transferring the deeds. He does everything in his kitchen table. If you look at the chain of title. The title is clean but if you look at how the title was transferred, you will see the crystal clear fraud involved.

  4. You defenders have been watching too much TV. David Boucher helped himself and fellow delusional people pretend they’re exercising their “rights” while victimizing real people. They’ll have time to think about the imaginary “legal technicalities” while sitting in jail along side the tax evaders and “sovereign” nationals. **Incidentally, you defenders are telling the DA where to look next.

  5. Where in the Lord Mr David Allan Boucher defraud citizens, he is a very honest person, help the people to get there houses from the BANK’S they took from them. LEGAL and LAWFULLY the same UCC code the Banks used is the same CODE WE THE PEOPLE can used. BANKS are not suppose to own HOMES and besides WE created the money and the Banks give us credit to lend the money to them.But in reality there is no MONEY to LEND AND THEY DONT DISCLOUSE THERE LITTLE FRAUD BEHIND. If you District Attorney try to distort our minds your WRONG you should it verified the facts first WHO IS GUILTY? is the same as your case in SAN BERNARDINO for SEXUAL HARRASMENT guilty until is PROVEN the same applies to MR David Allan Boucher you will have to shows US WE THE PEOPLE WHO? is more guilty U or MR Boucher. I am exercisin my rigths by Freedom of Speech those are my Constitutinal Rigths First Amendment to the U.S Constitution.Freedom of Speech and also Habeas Corpus. Year 1670 William Penn , he was on trial for the violation of the “Conventicle Act”. William Penn and MR Boucher had not broken the Law Mr Boucher has no commited a crime or injur anybody. In 1789 Thomas Jefferson warned us given to the Judiciary too much power might ruin our REPUBLIC, and destroy our RIGHTS.Mr Boucher’s RIGTHS were violated I, II, IV,VIII,,IX.So Judges, Dictrict Attorney’s,Police’s, FBI and others you make a WRONG ARREST, YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR ROOTS, just remember that you are not above the LAW.GOD BE WITH YOU.

  6. The banksters are the culprits not David. The banks are trying to take him down as he’s been answering to all of their complaints so they had no choice but to try to put him away. It will be revealed who is involved in trying to put him away. If you have been involved in a fraudulent mortgage then you will understand how the banks create fake employees who all happen to be Vice Presidents, do robo-signing and more. We need to see them and the public officials who are in collusion with them go to jail.

  7. Let me get this straight he lies and says he works for a company that he doesn’t work for and he’s innocent. Interesting!!!!

  8. David’s Friends August 31, 2012 at 6:57 am

    David Alan Boucher is an innocent men, all these charges are bogus. He does an administrative process, he lien the banks just like they do to us.. He uses article 9 and article 13 or the UCC ( UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE). Please check the criminal record of the judge that is behind all this.
    He does not do anything illegal. He will prove to all the ignorant people that this is a conspiracy.

  9. August 31, 2012 at 5:26 am

    I am confused….David Boucher helps a few neighbors of mine to get their houses back from the banks. Banks are mad because they get caught.

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