Man Charged with Swindling Thousands in Fake Mortgage Assistance Scam

Allison Tussey —  April 3, 2014 — 1 Comment

Anthony Carta, 53, Detroit, Michigan, has been charged with multiple crimes in connection to his formation of a faith based mortgage assistance scam.

Carta faces criminal charges for the alleged theft of more than $300,000 from more than 100 victims who believed Carta was going to assist them with their mortgage through his company, Freedom By Faith Ministries (FBF). Instead, Carta allegedly pocketed the money and did nothing to assist the victims with their mortgages. FBF never held regular faith-based gatherings but only hosted a website that advertised Carta’s books and mortgage assistance program.

In September 2011, Carta hired Kelita Leflore to gain additional business in the Detroit area. Once Leflore sold a mortgage service, the proceeds and client file were turned over to Carta to negotiate. Leflore sold at least 100 mortgage modifications for FBF. Leflore discovered that Carta was not actually negotiating for clients because she contacted one of the victim’s banks and learned that Carta never contacted the bank.

In addition, Carta allegedly promised Leflore he would assist with her own mortgage problems and she ended up losing her home because Carta never contacted her bank. At that point, Leflore contacted clients personally, advised them of the crime and encouraged victims to file complaints with the BBB and/or the Michigan Attorney General. Leflore filed a complaint with the Attorney General on December 8, 2012.

The following seven charges have been filed against Carta in Southfield, Michigan’s 46th District Court:

• One count of Conducting a Criminal Enterprise, a 20 year felony;

• One count of false pretenses $20,000 – $50,000, a fifteen year felony; and,

• Five counts of false pretenses $1,000 – $20,000, five year felonies all.

Carta was arrested on April 2, 2014 and is expected to be arraigned in 46th District Court, located in Southfield, Michigan.

Attorney General Bill Schuette announced the charges by his Attorney General Corporate Oversight Division.

“Using the guise of faith to trick innocent people into entrusting their money to a sham organization is deplorable,” said Schuette, “My team is committed to partnering with law enforcement to bring down these scam artists wherever they operate.”


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One response to Man Charged with Swindling Thousands in Fake Mortgage Assistance Scam

  1. CommQuest Art April 2, 2015 at 4:39 am


    EVERY REPORTER writing this story SHOULD BE ASHAMED. They all Copy/Pasted the SAME STORY…and it’s not the truth.

    No one bothered to look.


    Type the following into the Google Search (with Quotation marks) and the 3rd entry down will be a video by “KELITA LEFLORE”, where she proves that Anthony Carta DID NOT DO what he has been accused of: “KELITA LEFLORE”

    I bet this video disappears from Youtube as soon as the authorities find out about it. But copies have been made.

    Anthony Carta IS THE VICTIM. Michigan AG’s MAIN WITNESS Kelita Leflore IS A LIAR.

    Here she is on YouTube saying:

    That she owed $85K on her home.

    That Anthony Carta negotiated to buy out her home from the lender for $10K.

    That her payments are now $200.00/month.

    Yet EVERY ARTICLE one reads states that Anthony Carta defrauded her.

    The guy was intimidated by the prosecutor when his bond was unexpectedly revoked a month ago and was probably bullied into pleading guilty because he had no opportunity to fight the case from inside the jail cell.

    I don’t know if the public understand that the ONLY reason he is being accusssed of a crime is because AG alleged that Mr. Carta NEVER contacted any lenders.

    If he HAD contacted lenders, even if he was not successful in reducing the mortgage, and buying it out, HE WOULD ONLY BE GUILTY OF BEING A

    Looks like Kelita got in trouble with the law and decided to give the AG (Republican) a ‘WHITE GUY, WHO USED RELIGION, TO DEFRAUD BLACK

    THAT is a MUCH better case for an AG running for re-election (at the time) who did not have support of the POOR and BLACK in Detroit.

    But with this case… he became a hero to the voter base he badly needed.

    Mr. Carta is being sentenced tomorrow. IF YOU WORKED FOR HIM, and your
    job was to call the lenders, REPLY TO THIS POST and expose THE TRUTH.

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