Media Inquiries

Rachel Dollar is a California lawyer and a certified mortgage banker.  She is available for media inquiries at

Prior media contributions include:

March 1, 2012Investor’s Business Daily, Property Fraud Booms, FBI Probes 2,500 Mortgage Cases
August 16, 2011Inman News, FBI: Mortgage fraud attracting organized crime
July 4, 2011The North Bay Business Journal, Federal Agency Asking Public for Comment on Real Estate Disclosures
June 26, 2011KSRO, The Real Estate Hour with Michael Kelly and Allison Norman
May 13, 2011Wall Street Journal, Records Reveal Unusual Refinancing Practices of Accused FDA Insider
April 3, 2011The Press Democrat, Appeals court sides with Santa Rosa couple in land battle
March 7, 2011The North Bay Business Journal, Spotlight: Law Firm Managing Partners
March 1, 2011San Francisco Chronicle, Why Those from Inside Job aren’t Inside a Prison
January 14, 2011TNG, Real Estate Radio Show with Bruce Norris
June 28, 2010The North Bay Business Journal, Women in Business 2010
June 23, 2010Inman News, Cutting to the Core of the Financial Crisis
February 8, 2010The North Bay Business Journal, Most Influential Leaders
January 2010The Front Line Magazine, The Cost of Doing Business the Wrong Way
August 6, 2009Inman News, The Lowdown on Downpayment Programs
July, 2009Mortgage Banking Magazine, Flashpoint – FHA Fraud
June 5, 2009Miami Herald, Feds Get Tough on Mortgage Fraud
March 26, 2009American Banker, Using Racketeering Law to Recoup Fraud Losses
March 14, 2009Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinal, Criminal Past No Barrier to Mortgage Field
January 18, 2009New York Times, Loan Fraud Seen on the Rise
November 18, 1008Willamette Week, House of Gain
November 14, 2008JAMS, ADR Update: The Subprime Fallout
July 13, 2008Tampa Tribune, Close Door on Real Estate Fraud
May 31, 2008The Seattle Times, A Roundup of Real Estate Books
May 30, 2008Chicago Tribune, 4 good reads
May 13, 2008Palm Beach Post, Boca Firm Audited After Scam
April 14, 2008Business Wire, Second Annual Mortgage Fraud Blog Conference Open for Registration
March 8, 2008Tampa Tribune, Appraiser Evaluates Whether 303 Homes are Overpriced
March 7, 2008Baltimore Sun, Profiting from Problems of Others 
February 27, 2008National Mortgage News Rachel Dollar Testifies on Mortgage Fraud 
February 18, 2008Business Spectator, The “rescue” fraud epidemic 
February 14, 2008Senior Journal, Senior Citizens Most Likely to be Targeted by Foreclosure Rescue Scams
February 14, 2008Ocala Star Banner, Victims of foreclosure rescue scams testify
February 10, 2008Santa Rosa Press Democrat, How could so many people afford homes at peak of boom?
November 27, 2007Voice of San Diego, Mortgage Fraud Hits the Courts
November 18, 2007Newsday, Homeowners entangled in loan scheme
October 29, 2007WBIG, Talk Radio with Steve Rayburn
October 28, 2007Palm Beach Post, Florida, Slow housing market speeds up scam
October 25, 2007KGEO, Real Estate Today Radio Talk Show with Jonathan Vaughn
October 24, 2007Mortgage Radio, Detecting Fraud, Part III, Fraud Elimination
October 2, 2007KGET, More Muscle Wanted Behind Anti-Mortgage-Fraud Action
October 1, 2007KGET, Panel of Experts Discuss Housing Market
September 30, 2007KGET, Boom to Bust: Kern’s Housing Market Forum
September 19, 2007Inman News, 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders: 2007
September 24, 2007Voice of San Diego, How Mortgage Fraud Functions
September 6, 2007Indy Star, Landlord Faces Fraud and Theft Charges 
August 14, 2007RIS Media, Real Estate Fraud Hits Hollywood: Fraud for the Rich & Famous
August 9, 2007Union Sentinel, Georgia, Dollars and Sense
2007Communicator, FBI Links Mortgage Fraudulent Appraisals with Terrorism and Organized Crime
July 23, 2007Blown Mortgage, Blown Mortgage’s Podcast Interview with Rachel Dollar
July 19, 2007The Wall Street Journal, I Feel Like an Idiot – Land Projects Gone Wrong Shows How Even Well Off Lured by Go Go Climate
June 30, 2007San Diego Magazine, A New Kind of Housing Squeeze 
June 29 2007Inman News, Bloggers Chase Top Blog Innovator Title
May 23, 2007Kling Publications, Fraud at Core of Repurchases 
April 1, 2007Bradenton Herald, Florida, Manatee’s ‘flip’ fiasco, six years later
March 20, 2007The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads, VA, Loose lending allows developers to feed off mortgage money
March 1, 2007Realtor Magazine, The List Issue 2007 – 5 Real Estate Blogs to Visit
February 2007Mortgage Banking, Mortgage Fraud Expert Rachel Dollar – The Mortgage Fraud Blog
January 20-21, 2007CNN, Open House with Gerri Willis
January 14, 2007The Kansas City Star, Mortgage fraud’s new super sleuths
December, 2006Credit Union Business, Mortgage Fraud: Fighting Back with Prevention and detection
October 29, 2006San Francisco Chronicle, Mortgage fraud — the worst crime no one’s heard of 
October 22, 2006Chattanooga Times, Mortgage Fraud Hurts Owners and Banks
October 18, 2006News from Capitol Hill, Solutions to Fraud Sought at Appraisal Foundation Symposium
October 17, 2006Realty Times, Most Fraud Charges Not Investigated
September 29, 2006Los Angeles Times, CA, More Buyers Stretch Truth, Budgets to Get Loans
September 28, 2006Wall Street Journal, Towns Residents Say they were Target of Big Mortgage Fraud
September 28, 2006The Oregonian, Frauds Pump Air into Real Estate Bubble
September, 2006Mortgage Banking Magazine, Mortgage Shakedown
September, 2006Mortgage Banking Magazine, A High Tech Battle with Mortgage Fraud
September 10, 2006South Florida Sun Sentinel, FL, Real Estate a Fraud Hot Spot
August 31, 2006Inman News, 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders: 2006
July 1, 2006Mortgage Banking Magazine, USAP, ACC and AGs
June 12, 2006MSN, Don’t hand your house to a thief
July 8, 2006Foreclosure Talk Radio, Chicago, Illinois
May 24, 2006Inman News, Cleaning the Augean stables: obstacles to fighting loan fraud
May 23, 2006Inman News, Schemes to Hijack the American Dream
May 22, 2006Inman News, Loan Fraud ‘Epidemic’ Sweeping the Country
May 6, 2006Realty Times, Cash Back at Closing: Appealing Arrangement or Sinister Scam
April 9, 2006Wall Street Journal, Home is where the fraud is
April 5, 2006East Bay Express, Dirty Deeds
March EditionMortgage Originator, The Many Faces of Mortgage Fraud
March 30, 2006Realty Times, “Bonnie and Clyde” Mortgage Broker Caught In Texas
March 29, 2006East Bay Express, Dirty Deeds – Real-estate fraud has become epidemic as home prices have surged skyward
March 10, 2006Inman News, Industry watchdogs warn of credit-booster sites
February 23, 2006Online Independent, How do you keep from becoming a victim?
February 15, 2006Chicago Tribune, Obama Durban Propose Federal Mortgage Reforms
December 18, 2005Sun News, Convicted Real Estate Investor Could Go To Jail For Life
December 18, 2005Investor’s Business Daily, Mortgage Scams Rising Along with Home Prices
December 17, 2005Dallas News, Neighborhood Crime that Alarms Can’t Prevent
December 10, 2005Baltimore Independent Media Center, ECON 101: Mortgage Fraud Website
December 4,, Mortgage Fraud a Growing Problem
November 28, 2005American Banker, Loan Performance Pitches Fraud Score
November 16, 2005Inman News, Industry Watchdogs Warn of Site Selling Fake Paycheck Stubs
November 1, 2005Mortgage Banking Magazine, Fighting Mortgage Fraud
October 7, 2005American Banker, Lenders Pressed on Fraud Prevention Efforts
October 4, 2005USA Today, Fraud Booms with Mortgage Market
August, 30 2005Fulton County Daily Report, How the Lure of Easy Money Landed a DeKalb Attorney in Federal Prison
August 10, 2005Inman News, 100 Most Influential Real Estate People
July 5, 2005Inman News, Watchdogs Warn of Real Estate Investment Offer
July 11, 2005Inman News, Feds Target Mortgage-Elimination Scheme
June 17, 2005Inman News, Crackdown on Loan Servicing Fraud
June 12, 2005Sun Sentinel, The Scary World of Identity Theft
May 6, 2005Inman News, Georgia Cracks Down on Real Estate Fraud
May 5, 2005CBS News, CBS Special Report – Sold Out, Unit 5 Investigates Real Estate Business
March 8, 2005Inman News, Five Indicted in 10 Million Fraud Scheme
December 15, 2005Sacramento Bee, Firm Says it Can Make Mortgages Go Away – Judge Calls it a Scam
December 14, 2005The Journal News, Mortgage Fraud Thrives in Ohio
December 8, 2004Inman News, Crackdown on Mortgage Elimination Schemes
December 12, 2004Inman News, Attorney Blogs to Prevent Real Estate Fraud
November 8, 2004The Legal Description, Industry Skullduggery; The Who, What, Where, When and How of Mortgage Fraud – Part I
December 17, 2001Real Estate Finance Today, Busier Times, More Time for Mistakes


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