Another Foreclosure Rescure Company Sued For Fraud

admin —  April 10, 2009 — 2 Comments

US Foreclosure Relief, a California company that defrauded Missourians who were looking for help avoiding foreclosure, was sued by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.  US Foreclosure Relief allegedly took money from victims but did not provide any help.

US Foreclosure Relief advertised that they would work with a homeowner’s lender to stop further foreclosure proceedings. However, the Attorney General’s office found the company would take customers’ money, provide no services, and subsequently refuse to respond to consumers who wanted to complain or get their money back.

The suit, filed in Kansas City, Missouri, seeks an injunction to stop the company from continuing to defraud consumers as well as restitution and penalties.

Unfortunately, these tough economic times have brought out opportunists who prey on people at some of their most desperate and vulnerable moments,” Koster said. “People facing the loss of a home may feel that they have no other choice but to turn to these fraudulent companies. The Attorney General’s Office intends to stop them from doing business in Missouri,” Koster added.

In most instances, US Foreclosure Relief charged homeowners a fee of $1,850 for its services, along with a processing fee of $500. The company demanded payment upfront, in violation of Missouri law. Missouri law is clear that payment may not be charged or collected until the foreclosure consultant service is performed.

People need to be very cautious when considering turning to foreclosure consultants,” Koster said. “In fact, in most cases, people are better off working directly with their lenders.

Attorney General Koster made the announcement and urges consumers who have been the victims of fraudulent mortgage-relief companies, or who are concerned about the practices of their lender, to contact his consumer hotline at 800-392-8222 or to go online at


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2 responses to Another Foreclosure Rescure Company Sued For Fraud

  1. well its a nice one….

  2. I have been scammed by a attorney in Florida on a mortgage scam offer. Here,s how it works there solicitor call and ask you if you want loan modification ie due a forensic audit on loan doc’s initial upfront cost $195 and then thy will call you when its complete and tell you they found deficiencies and want another $800 to continue on with negotiating with bank and after you paid them they have somebody call you and try to qualify you all over again and then tell you you don’t qualify due too income requirements which thy ask for proof of income at the very begining when they first solicited me and needed to send proof so they try to solicit a short sale instead of loan mod and they have investors wiling to by my property and then rent it out to me for a couple of years and resale it to me later for a percentage more then what they paid so I think their working within the law borderline!! PLEASE REFER ME TO LEGAL COUNSEL THAT CAN HELP ME THANK YOU!!!

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