Nevada Man Incarcerated for Equity Skimming

Allison Tussey —  February 7, 2011 — 1 Comment

Thomas F. Gentile, 56, was sentenced by District Court Judge Linda Bell to six months in the Clark County, Nevada, Detention Center in connection with an equity skimming case.

Gentile, who conspired with Justin Sabo to defraud a local couple of the equity in their home, pled guilty to one count of Theft -Obtaining Money in Excess of $2500. The charges stemmed from the group’s involvement in a scheme to fraudulently obtain a mortgage loan against a property owned by Gentile‘s former employer without his knowledge or consent. The victims are both over the age of 60.

Gentile was sentenced to serve a term of 24 to 120 months in the Nevada State Prison for his part in the scheme. The sentence was suspended but Gentile was ordered to spend the first six months in county jail.

Gentile‘s co-defendant was given probation for his part in the crime as well. He avoided jail by paying a significant amount of restitution to the victims which included the homeowners and the hard money lenders who provided the money for the loan. The restitution order mandates that the defendants repay the costs and attorney fees incurred by the victims in their civil case filed to clear the title to the property.

“It is appropriate that an individual who took advantage of an elderly couple in such a egregious fashion is being brought to justice,” said Attorney General Masto.

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One response to Nevada Man Incarcerated for Equity Skimming

  1. Gary Crabtree, SRA February 9, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Someone on this blog needs to check this story. One place the defendant received 6 months in jail and in another part of the story, he received 24 to 120 months in prison. Which is it?

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