New York Man Indicted for Attempting to Steal a House

Allison Tussey —  April 8, 2009 — 5 Comments

Enrique Castillo, aka Enrique Fernandez, 52, Brooklyn, New York, was indicted on charges of attempted grand larceny, offering a false instrument for filing, and criminal possession of a forged instrument, in connection with forging a deed and other documents in an attempt to steal a Harlem, New York, brownstone.

The investigation leading to the indictment revealed that on June 6, 2007, Castillo filed a deed with the New York City Department of Finance, Office of the City Register that falsely stated that Carolyn Todd, who owned a brownstone at 250 West 139th Street, Harlem, New York, had conveyed the property to him in 2004 for zero consideration. The bogus deed contained the forged signature of Ms. Todd and the forged signature and stamp of a notary. Castillo filed additional fraudulent documents with the Office of the City Register in March and May of 2008 to further his scheme. On March 19, 2008, Castillo filed a mortgage, falsely stating that the brownstone had been used as collateral in a loan from a construction and development company. On May 12, 2008 he filed a “Revocation of Power of Attorney, “purportedly executed by Ms. Todd in Brooklyn in February 2005 revoking the Power of Attorney she had given to her cousin, James Bryant, and granting Power of Attorney to Enrique Fernandez, an alias used by the defendant. In fact, Ms. Todd was in hospice care in Ohio at the time this document was supposedly executed in Brooklyn. Like the bogus deed, the revocation contained the forged signature of a notary.

Ms. Todd, who died at age 57 in March 2005, was the lifelong owner of the Harlem brownstone. In January 2005, her health failing, Ms. Todd gave power of attorney to Mr. Bryant, who was then caring for her at his home in Ohio. A short time later, she conveyed the brownstone to him and his wife Debbie as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Mr. Bryant subsequently filed the deed conveying the property to him with the City Register.

The investigation began when Mr. Bryant contacted the District Attorney’s Office in June 2008 after learning of the false mortgage and “Revocation of Power of Attorney.” When he was arrested in December 2008, Castillo was in possession of a forged social security identification card. Castillo was indicted on one count of Attempted Grand Larceny in the Second Degree and one count of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree, both class D felonies which are punishable by up to 2┦” to 7 years in prison, and three counts of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, a class E felony which is punishable by up to 1┦” to 4 years in prison.

The investigation is being handled by Assistant District Attorney Gary Snitow, who is assigned to the Special Prosecutions Bureau, under the supervision of Bureau Chief Thomas Wornom and Deputy Bureau Chief Joan Delaney. Detective Anthony Pasquariello of the District Attorney’s Office Squad assisted in the investigation.

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5 responses to New York Man Indicted for Attempting to Steal a House

  1. JerryP, you stupid moron, wake up and get your head out of your ass. The article clearly states that this scumbag uses two different alias names and when busted, he was in possession of a forged social security card. Furthermore, I never mentioned anything in regards to race. If you believe anyone with a spanish surname must be of a certain race, then you sir are the racist. You should be ashamed.

  2. Alot of people have written negative vibe on this Julio Vargas guy. I see he is in Chicago and has a company ? If he is such a ‘bad guy’ then why doesn’t the authorities arrest him? He even has some radio bytes from WLS Radio720 in Chicago on his site. If he is a crook then why does the professional community of real estate brokers acknowledge him so highly? But they do have a lot of cases against them, his wife Janina, in the Chicago chancery section. So does a guy who works with them named Ricardo Gonzalez. Strange world we live in these days. So much going wrong makes you wonder if the “high ups” know something we do not about the end of the civilized world? Why else would so much be a free-for-all in this time like a de-regulated WildWest Show? Anyways, my newspaper is ready to do a story on Julio Vargas and see what we come up with. So, if the FBI and IRS and local authorities and Lisa Madigan will not help then we will find out just how deep this story goes, peace out… Chad da Man.

  3. Julio Vargas from Chicago has a whole company of Spanish sounding and speaking employees who are all trained to rip off poor people. He has gotten away with it for 5 years and the authoritites do nothing despite millions of dollars made by him and hundreds of poor unwitting people who accidentally walked into his den of thieves. So, yeah he is Spanish and he is a POS. Meanwhile, the authorities and the state of Illinois feign doing anything about him as they laugh at their victims and the law. America is stupid and the authorities who protect the scumbags from top to bottom of the corporate world have one thing in common, the wrath of GOD.

  4. Steve P, although Mr. castillo’s action have no justification….just because he has a “Spanish” name does not mean you have the right to bring race in this matter. Can you statisically prove this bogus thoery? Did you even confirm Mr. Castillo’s legal status before speaking out loud? I would argue these are to very different topics to debate.

  5. These illegals are doing far more harm than good to our country. I’ll happily mow my own yard and pay a legal resident a fair and full wage to clean my house if it means I will be sparred from having the title of my home fraudulently stolen.

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