Title and Mortgage Company Owner Sentenced

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Magile Cruz, a/k/a Maggie Cruz, a/k/a Magile Cruz-Rodriguez, a/k/a Magile Araujo, a/k/a Ros Rodriguez, has been sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge James Lawrence King in Miami, Florida. Cruz was sentenced to 121 months’ imprisonment, 3 years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $6,362,807 in restitution for her role in a multi-million fraud scheme that resulted in the issuance of more than $24,000,000 in fraudulent mortgage loans, and losses of more than $6,000,000 to lenders. Cruz pled guilty in November 2008 to charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1349.

As previously reported on Mortgage Fraud Blog and according to the Indictment and statements made in court during the plea, Cruz was the de facto owner of Star Lending Mortgage, State Mortgage Lending, Sherley Title Services, Doral Title Services, and Professional Title Express. Star Lending Mortgage was a mortgage brokerage company. State Mortgage Lending was a mortgage lending business. Both were licensed to do business in the State of Florida. Sherley Title Services, Doral Title Services, and Professional Title Express were title agencies and were not licensed by the State of Florida. Cruz used employees and friends as the nominee owners for all five companies, and personally managed the businesses, including all the financial affairs of the companies.

According to court records, between 2005 through 2007, Cruz was engaged in a scheme to obtain fraudulent mortgage loans for the purchase of 79 properties in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. To execute the scheme, Cruz would identify residential properties for sale through Star Lending Mortgage and State Mortgage. Cruz and other co-conspirators would recruit and pay straw buyers for the selected properties. Cruz and her co-conspirators would then prepare and cause to be prepared fraudulent mortgage loan applications on behalf of the straw buyers. The applications included false employment verifications, pay stubs, verification of income and funds on deposit, and IRS Forms W-2.

Thereafter, Cruz and her co-conspirators, including the straw buyers, would create and submit to the banks and lending institutions false HUD-Settlement Statement Forms, also known as HUD-1s, which concealed from the lending institutions, among other things, the existence of a second HUD-1 prepared for the same transaction with a lower sales price for the property. In other instances, Cruz would fraudulently obtain multiple loans from various lenders for the same parcel of property, all unbeknownst to the lenders involved. Finally, Cruz would similarly seek and obtain fraudulent loans on properties for which there was no true sale by stealing the identity of the seller and fabricating a transaction with a straw buyer.

The straw buyers would allow their identities and credit information to be used in the mortgage loan applications, falsely representing themselves to be the true buyers of the properties and the individuals responsible for the loan. Cruz and her co-conspirators would create and submit to banks and lending institutions fraudulent title documentation, including false closing protection letters, falsely representing that Sherley Title Services, Doral Title Services and Professional Title Express were agents for Fidelity National Title and/or Old Republic. In fact, however, these companies were not authorized by Fidelity National Title and/or Old Republic to act as their agents and to issue such documentation.

Once the mortgage applications were approved, the lenders would wire the loan proceeds to Sherley Title Services, Doral Title Services, and Professional Title Express for closing. At closing, Cruz and her co-conspirators would receive a credit for the difference between the inflated price and the actual selling price of the property. Cruz and her co-conspirators would then execute and file Change of Address forms with the United State Postal Service on behalf of the straw buyers, thus concealing from the individual actually living at the address that the subject property had been fraudulently sold.

Cruz would make the payments on the mortgage loans to maintain the loans afloat until the properties could be resold again, often to another straw buyer. When she failed to make payments on the loans, some properties went into foreclosure, resulting in substantial losses to the lending institutions.

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3 responses to Title and Mortgage Company Owner Sentenced

  1. magile cruz rodriguez, need to be for life in prision, she kill her second baby the 3 monthz, and her husband death is a mistery where are many ??????
    why she have privade investigation for him after him ask her for divorced???
    how is Darleen? she tell her that going to kill her.because she saw her pictures with her husband Ricardo Araujo.
    Magile you know the true. every ting going out smart head ?????

  2. Hello, I am in desperate need of information or your help. The mentioned defendents names are on some of my paperwork for my home. I’ve had nothing but problems since I refied July, 2007. My house is being SOLD TODAY. I have beeb unable to get a straight answer from anyone. Or help for that matter. PLEASE, can help or point me in the right direction ?

    Thank You, GOD Bless

  3. Well it just goes to show that these immigrants are just here to do the jobs that Americans refuse to do.

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