Real Estate Agent Charged with Fannie Mae REO Fraud

Rachel Dollar —  September 1, 2016 — 26 Comments

Spenser Iatridis, 30, Scottsdale, Arizona, was charged by Information with Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud on August 26, 2016 in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

According to the Information, Daphne Iatridis aka Daphne Trilling, aka Daphne Telles, 57, Scottsdale Arizona has been a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona for 18 years and Arthur Telles, 57, Scottsdale, Arizona, her husband, is also a real estate agent.  Brendyn J. Iatridis, aka Brendyn Trilling, 26, Scottsdale Arizona is the son of Daphne and also a real estate agent.  Spenser  is also a real estate agent and is the son of Daphne and brother of Brendyn.

Daphne, Telles and Brendyn were charged separately.

In 2008, Daphne was a designated listing agent for Fannie Mae REO properties.  Daphne knew that neither she nor her relatives could purchase the properties she marketed and sold for Fannie Mae and that Fannie Mae had certain restrictions that agents had to comply with in order to purchase an REO property they were listing.

Unbeknownst to Fannie Mae, the Iatridises purchased 28 properties for their own purposes.  They did this by purchasing 18 of the properties in the name of Spenser’s aunt.  Spenser knew that his aunt did not provide her permission to purchase the properties in her name and was not compensated in any manner for the purchases. Spenser knew that Brendyn falsely notarized his aunt’s name by either forging her signature or cutting and pasting a known signature onto documents.  On each of the properties purchased, defendants falsely listed his aunt as the trustee of a trust that they designated.  Once they had purchased the properties, they transferred them into the name of a deceased relative in order to conceal their ownership.  When Brendyn was notified that federal agents wanted to review his notary book, he misrepresented that it had been lost or stolen.

Defendants also committed a similar fraud with respect to at least nine homes that Brendyn purchased in the name of Brendyn Triling.  The defendants cut and pasted the signatures of known notaries on the documents.

Defendants committed the same fraud by purchasing homes in the name of Sing Lea Trust with Spenser’s former girlfriend as the trustee.  Defendant forged her signature and falsified notarized documents to complete the purchases.  They later transferred the properties to a trust under their control.

Defendants also submitted false invoices for repairs and rehabilitations of the properties to Fannie Mae.

Once they obtained the properties, Defendants installed renters for the purpose of obtaining rental income.  Because they were concealing their ownership of the properties, Spenser knew that they intentionally failed to report the rental income on their tax returns.


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26 responses to Real Estate Agent Charged with Fannie Mae REO Fraud

  1. Spread the News! August 30, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    If you want more information, documents etc. go to

  2. It’s been two years since these dirty thieves were arrested. One year to negotiate plea agreements and another year to sentence them. The defense team was begging the judge to accept the plea agreements. It was comical to hear the information presented in court “that Spenser and Brendyn had suffered enough and their parents had lost their home”. REALLY! What a joke. The victims have suffered not these criminals. Telles owns his main residence (placed in a bogus trust once again Eagle 3 Trust) which has approx. $600k of equity. It was an REO sale, Purchase/Resale Arms Length Residential Transaction. And Daphne sold a rental she owned and was left with $300k of equity. Not to mention the fact that Telles/Daphne continue to work in Real Estate and have continued to receive the $400,000 of income on these properties over last 2 years. This hasn’t put a dent into their deep pockets. The buzz around town is that they continue to travel and enjoy multiple vacations. Daphne keeps telling people this is all a misunderstanding and will be resolved shortly. You plead GUILTY! Denial, Denial! And they have other Fannie Mae homes that weren’t scooped up in this case. They have used another alias “Robert Bishop” as the Trustee of these 5 homes held in the Malahide Trusts/RBOA Trusts. Spenser’s name shows up as the owner to several of these homes but he has removed his name since these indictments. There are probably a lot more properties that they have hidden. You are dirty, vile, predators! Sept. 7th will be the 4th sentencing hearing!

  3. I was searching on the internet and came across these Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General – Semiannual Reports to the Congress. It must be a great feeling for these crooks to be reported in the FHFA OIG reports to congress.
    Twelfth Semiannual Report to the Congress – April 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016 (pg. 38 and appendix I)
    Tenth Semiannual Report to the Congress – April 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015 (pg. 32 and appendix J)
    You can click on the report or download to your desktop.
    Once they are sentenced they will appear in the next semiannual report. They must be so proud of themselves! LOL.

  4. Have they already gone to trial or is this some sort of deal they are making to avoid trial and get a lessor sentence? How much time could each one of them be sentenced and why would the sons be given a plea deal? What will happen with the properties? By reading this blog I now have a pretty good idea of what they have done but what is the usual punishment?

    • All four are trying to avoid going to trial because all of the 17 counts plus tax evasion would be on the table which means a long time in jail. 1 count of identity theft alone is a mandatory 2 year sentence never mind the bank fraud charge. So, they negotiate a plea. Looks like max. of 5 years but this is negotiated as well with a pre-sentencing memorandum but the judge does not have to go by this memorandum. Money talks in the legal system.

  5. Greed – Above the Law August 5, 2017 at 7:41 am

    More background info. At the previous hearing July 12th. the judge did not accept the pleas on Felons Spenser and Brendyn because of the deferred sentencing meaning they walk with a “get out of jail free card”. The judge said the forgery was breathtaking, and they had participated in a long running organized conspiracy. S & B walked into the court with a chip on their shoulders….they were so sure they were walking out with no consequences. Not this time brothers! It was comical to see them telling the judge that they were sorry for what they had done. They have no remorse whatsoever and were so mad about the judges decision that they were arrogant enough to state that Brendyn would go to trial. Really! If you’re all so innocent then why don’t you go to trial? It was comical to see Brendyn’s attorney address the court and speak about what a wonderful educated person he is. Read the indictment!. The indictment included 16 counts of fraud for Daphne and Telles, and an additional count for Brendyn of Attempted Bank Fraud where once again he altered bank statements and misrepresented his assets/liabilities. This seems to be a pattern with this gang of four. Falsify, cut and paste and do what ever it takes because they are above the law, untouchable. Spenser contacted his ex-girlfriend (with Brendyn) to dissuade her from contacting the authorities. Brendyn’s notary book is lost/stolen. When Daphne, Telles and Brendyn were arrested, indicted and after the feds raided their home they falsified more documents that were presented to the court. Really….pure arrogance! On top of all of this they don’t think they should pay their taxes on the income of these properties. Well they eventually forked over $215,000 for unpaid taxes due/penalties. Spenser’s involvement in this conspiracy was undeniable. He was collecting all the rent checks from the properties and had leases that stated his aunt was the owner and once again her signature was forged on these docs. Well…..let’s see what the judge does on Sept 7th… all this information is public and can be viewed at the court or on Pacer. #15-cr-01062-NVW. Spenser’s initial case # was Cr-16-01044-PHS-DGC.

    • I can’t imagine that jail time would not be in their future. Nothing less than criminal acts. Cold and calculating. Who does this to their own family then tells people the reverse story to make her family out to be the crook. Why it’s being allowed to drag out this long is ridiculous. They robbed innocent family members in every way. Poor Family, I hope they can emotionally and financially recover from this. This is a made for TV horror story. One more month till sentencing? September?

      • You would hope there is jail time in the near future! People who do things like this are glib and superficially charming; they are masters of influence and deception. They have no guilt or remorse about exploiting or manipulating other people; winning is the most important thing. They can use words poetically and almost hypnotically. When veracity is challenged, they attack the messenger. The have no conscience, or sense of morality, or right or wrong. They cannot empathize with others, are opportunistic and predatory. Horror story….you have no idea! There is so much more to this story. I know the sister whose house they tried to steal, she was in litigation for four years! And I had met the parents several times. What they went through is unbelievable! It’s outrageous that it takes almost one year to sentence these crooks. Let’s hope for some justice. J.S.T.

  6. Greed – Above the Law August 4, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Karen Nicholson. I saw your comment about Daphne. You have no idea who she is. Unfortunately your friendship with her is a scam. It’s interesting that she was in California….wonder if the pre-trial officer knows about this since she is not allowed to leave AZ without permission. The feds seized all of their passports. Daphne plays the innocent card when it comes to her family. She knows exactly why they don’t talk to her. She steals ones sisters identity and then falsifies documents (the same method used in this fannie mae fraud case) to steal another sister’s home. These documents were found in her home when it was raided by the Feds. Big surprise! It’s all about money….

  7. Greed – Above the Law August 4, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Update on court appearance: the US gave the felon sons (Brendyn and Spenser) another plea where they have to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and they will get probation. Unbelievable! Basically they are all getting a slap on the wrist for all their crimes. Justice at it’s best. Their attorneys are trying to file an appeal on the pleas. If the felon sons did not accept their pleas then they would all have to go to trial. The only thing the defendants are mad about it that they got caught! HaHa… Dirty thieves! The sentencing is set for Sept. 7th.

  8. You will reap what you sow so now live with the results of your actions.
    Those who plant trouble and cultivate evil will harvest the same.

  9. Did the sentencing happen? I have not seen any new details on here.

  10. Any updates on this case?

  11. Anything new in this case?

  12. Any updates available?

  13. I live just up the block from them. I was home the morning the F.B.I. raided their gated compound and read about their crimes in the local paper.

  14. It sounds like the judge wants it to go to trial. Is this case available for the public to view? If so, is there a link and case numbers to follow?

  15. Are there any updates?

  16. They are all crooks! They also falsified real estate documents to try and steal another sisters home..the information is contained in the plea bargain. Sentencing is set for Feb 13, 2017.

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