Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI investigates Mortgage Fraud.  The last public report on mortgage fraud was issued in 2010.

FBI 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report

FBI 2009 Mortgage Fraud Report

FBI 2008 Mortgage Fraud Report

FBI 2007 Mortgage Fraud Report

FBI 2006 Mortgage Fraud Report



The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is the agency that aggregates criminal fraud filings.  The Bank Secrecy Act mandates that Financial Institutions and other mortgage market participants file Suspicious Activity Reports with FINCEN when they suspect suspicious transactions.  Suspected Mortgage Fraud must be reported to FINCEN and FINCEN sometimes publishes statistical and descriptive reports.

FINCEN’s Mortgage Fraud Page


Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council White Papers

The Detection and Deterrence of Mortgage Fraud Against Financial Institutions: A White Paper” – issued February 2010

The Detection, Investigation, and Deterrence of Mortgage Loan Fraud Involving Third Parties: A White Paper” – issued February 2005

The Detection, Investigation and Prevention of Insider Loan Fraud: A White Paper” – issued May 2003


Other resources

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