Title Agent Arrested for Failing to Pay Off Prior Mortgage

Allison Tussey —  May 18, 2012 — 1 Comment

Marie L. Girard, title agent, has been arrested for misappropriating $584,000 from an escrow account intended for paying off a prior mortgage.

Girard, while acting as a title agent for Girard Title, obtained a refinance mortgage in the amount of $584,000.  Girard, without permission or authority, did convert those funds to her own personal use rather than for its intended use, which was to pay off the victims’ first mortgage, in violation of 812.014(2)(a), Florida Statutes (Grand Theft).

Based upon Girard‘s occupation as a title agent and the position of trust held by her, Girard misappropriated the funds belonging to insurers or others received by her in a fiduciary capacity, in violation of 626.561(3)(d), Florida Statutes (Reporting and Accounting for Funds).  Girard also violated 626.8473, Florida Statutes (Escrow Trust Funds).

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One response to Title Agent Arrested for Failing to Pay Off Prior Mortgage

  1. There is no excuse for using other peoples money for another persons gain. I used to live in Homestead Fl for many years and I have seen many of my close friends lose their homes because of other peoples greed for money. I do not believe in any plea deals with the courts. If a person stole money or anything from anyone and was found guilty in a court of law.(which she has already admitted to stealing the money) They should have to do every day of the required time the law says is the penalty for the crime. She made a deal to pay it back,(as I said earlier she should have never have been given a deal in the first place) Then she defaulted on both mortgages. The courts should act quickly and firmly on these people. If the penalty is 90 years, then so be it! When she goes to court she should have already have said goodbye to her friends and family and get ready to say hello to all the new friends she is going to be meeting. The people she took the money from have lost that money through no fault of their own. Justice should be served with a firm hand of the law and that’s it! The law is the law!

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