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Allison Tussey —  February 10, 2009 — 7 Comments

Time to update the web pic …. That old red jacket photo has followed me since the first post in July 2004. That picture hasn’t aged at all!! Alas, I don’t live in stasis. So, we’re changing the picture … we may change it several times – kind of like the spin on that slot machine …. clicking past the mismatched tiles to land, finally, on the three 7’s ….

Leave your comments and help choose the final photo. :coolmad:

Allison Tussey

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7 responses to New Pic …

  1. Has Leslie Tarrance Sr. of Houston, Texas been sentenced for his guilty plea. I thought he was to be sentenced on February 2, 2009, however, I have been unable to find any information as to his sentence. Thanks.

  2. Rachel,
    Fabulous photo.

  3. You look mahvelous, Dahlink!

  4. Your new photo makes you look younger, of course I don’t have my glasses on. Swonder

  5. I said it somewhere else before I found this page….. I like the new haircut. And what’s wrong with lookin 20?

  6. I think you look great, after all age is only a number – I say you look 18 – so therefore, you should feel and act like an 18 year old….a very successful one.

  7. Would you marry me? Ok, that would be bigamy. Seriously! that picture had to go and no we will not ask you your age. May be just ask you when did you graduate high school:) Is that the same thing. I am sure you can smell the sarcasm.

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