Pair Indicted for Stealing Homes and Property Using Fraudulent Deeds

Stephanie Abbott —  September 16, 2019 — 1 Comment

Neill Reed and Jeric Goodrum, North Little Rock, Arkansas have been indicted for violations of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Reed and Goodrum tried to manipulate Arkansas’s tax-delinquent property sale procedures by illegally filing forged deeds in order to steal property from rightful owners and then sell the property to unsuspecting consumers.

Defendants Reed and Goodrum begin the scam by locating publicly-listed tax-delinquent properties that were soon to be auctioned by the Commissioner of State Lands. Once they identify a particular tax-delinquent piece of property they want to acquire, and without the true owner’s knowledge or consent, they forge a quitclaim deed that indicates that the record owner of the property transferred their interests to Defendants. Defendants record the forged document in a county’s property records and then sell the stolen property for a price that may be thousands of dollars below the property’s actual value to unsuspecting third parties. The scam often goes unnoticed until the true owner tries to pay the taxes and reclaim the property.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed the charges.

These fraudulent actions are costly for their victims, and in some circumstances rob children, grandchildren and families of property that should be their rightful inheritance,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “These scams hurt hard-working Arkansans, and these fraudsters must be stopped.

The investigation was assisted by staff for the Commissioner of State Lands, Tommy Land. The suit seeks an injunction; an order imposing civil penalties; restitution for affected consumers; the suspension or forfeiture of franchises, corporate charters, licenses, permits and authorizations to do business in Arkansas and other relief against Reed and Goodrum.

Attorney General Rutledge is requesting restitution, civil penalties, and injunctive relief and demands a jury trial. Victims of these business practices should file a consumer complaint on or call (800) 482-8982.

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One response to Pair Indicted for Stealing Homes and Property Using Fraudulent Deeds

  1. Equity Access Through From Not Sale And Re fiance October 21, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    It is apart of local scheme where the attorneys steal the equity and hire the criminals to steal and drug dealers to vandalize properties and steal actual homes as a criminal job where the criminals are convicted and than realized it is a known HUNDREDS of years scam done to steal equity from American Borrowers and homeowners has be GANGS Organized Crime from judicial staff (judges, attorneys police and ordinance TITLE MORTGAGE COMPANIES BANKRUPTCY CLERKS COURT CLERKS) , electric & Gas companies, water and post office that organize to defraud homeowners IT been going on hundreds of years. It is why drug dealers live and deal drugs n vacant homes, buildings as saw on tv the police tell them too so that when the owners come back there properties are destroyed and leaves the CRIMINAL COPS AND OTHERS LISTED IN THE GANGS TO STEAL HOMES AND THE LAW TO DO EQUITY SKIMMING. IT IS THE VERY REASON THAT ASIANS AND SIBERIANS OWN MOST OF THE HOUSES AND LAND IN AMERICA AS THEY LEARNED THEY ARE USEFUL IN STEAL FOR THE CAUCASIAN AND BLACKS. equity skimming form homeowners is the biggest crime and fraud lenders law staff listed and businesses have done on homeowners by not reporting the form to homeowner is to use and the procedure to access and withdraw their own equity .they steal and than lie the only way to access equity is through saling home or refinancing. Facts: AND THE ROAD TO HELL IS WIDE WITH these thieves and deceivers

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